Investor Relations

Financial Reports 2014

The Investor relation website of Bank Norwegian AS is designed to provide all investors and the capital markets with precise, equal and reliable information.

Bank Norwegian presents financial data through its quarterly reports and presentations.

Bank Norwegian AS

26-02-2015 Årsrapport 2014 (NGAAP) NO
30-10-2014 Delårsrapport 3 kv 2014 NO
14-08-2014 Delårsrapport 2 kv 2014 NO
30-04-2014 Delårsrapport 1 kv 2014 NO

Norwegian Finans Holding ASA

29-04-2015 Offentliggjøring av sentral risikoinformasjon 2014 NO
26-02-2015 Annual report 2014 (NGAAP) NO EN
30-10-2014 Report for the third quarter 2014 NO EN
14-08-2014 Report for the second quarter 2014 NO EN
30-04-2014 Report for the first quarter 2014 NO EN